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Maia wants no part of her role as an obedient princess at the Omega Palace, refusing to submit to a society that takes away her choices and rights. She’s a rarity amongst the rare, the only omega who can deny a dominant alpha.

When the Crash comes, the country descends into chaos, and Maia seizes her chance to escape. On the run, exhausted and alone, she glimpses hope through a gated fence. The people she finds inside challenge everything she knows about alphas and omegas.

Damon, Hunter and Leif are three gorgeous, dangerous alphas who have shunned society. Together, with their best-friend Max, they have learned to hold each other’s broken pieces together. But when Maia is hunted, bonds are tested.

Do they dare face their demons and become a pack in a corrupt world that forbids it? Can they tear their crumbling world down and build a new one out of the rubble?

Note: This is the first book in a series of standalones, keep scrolling for more details on the series.

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I’ve lived in a prison before. They called it a palace, but it was still a prison. They don’t always look like what you think, and I’m never living in one again.

Maia - Knot your princess

Pack origins series

Pack origins is a sweet omegaverse, reverse harem series set in a post-apocalyptic world after the Crash. But don’t worry if end-of-the world isn’t your jam, it’s light on apocalypse and heavy on finding yourself and your pack (cough, harem). 

Each book is a standalone with a happily ever after, but characters will pop-up in all three books. They also have an overarching plotline that will continue through the series, so if you want to find out more about Maia, Lexi and Ava’s world, keep an eye out for the next books.

Content advice: Paranormal romance genre. Spice level 3.5/5, lots of spice but nothing dark. Reverse harem means characters don’t choose between their love interests. Omegaverse means the world centers on relationships between alphas, omegas and betas. There is some m/m content within the relationships, including MMFMM or MFM scenes. Some characters have a history of institutional or familial abuse that comes out within the story, but there is no current abuse or abuse within the packs. In book two, there is a discussion about past domestic violence incidents involving deaths.

Knot your princess cover

Knot Your Princess

Knot Your Problem

Knot Your Posession

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