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L.A. Clyne

My grandmother gave me my first romance books at thirteen, a box full of her Mills & Boon. 

An appropriate gift for a teenage girl? Maybe, maybe not. But I’ve always been a voracious reader. I obsessed over Trixie Belden books as a tween, loving the mysteries but always hoping Jim would finally hurry up and kiss Trixie.

My grandma’s old books opened up a new world. I’ve been hooked on romance ever since, from the insightful social commentary of Jane Austen to more modern fantasy romances with plenty of spice.

I have a head full of stories, and I’m ready to set them free. It’s a scary,  exhilarating adventure, and I hope you join me.

Come with me, and you'll be, in a world of pure imagination.

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Graduated high school and went into the big wide world to figure myself out. Spoiler alert, it took awhile. 

Worked a lot of admin jobs to pay the bills.

Met a knight in shining armour and moved in with him a month later. Big mistake? Keep reading and find out.

Married my knight in shining armour. Naawwwww.

My husband tried to convince me to write my first book. I eventually listened.

My first son was born, and my heart expanded to make room for one more. 

We also renovated our first house, just down the road from Grandma & Grandpa and across the road from a lake.

Got my dream job in communications and engagement, working with the community on social and environmental issues. Worked predominantly in this field for the next 18 years. 

I feel old just writing that.

Renovated our second house, a gorgeous little cottage in the suburbs.

My second son was born and life filled with more joy and sleepless nights.

Moved to the coast and renovated our third house. We like to move, and renovate houses. 

Also started a small business with my husband. That was an interesting few years, small business is not for the faint hearted.

Moved inter-state and started renovating our fourth house. The one we bought because it didn’t need renovating. Before we discovered major leaks. Yep!

Still renovating the house, it’s a work in progress. We may have run out of steam. Don’t mind the broken tiles and tools everywhere if you come visit.

Trying to help a pre-teen and a baby adult through the process of finding themselves now.

Figured I should lead by example. Took a few months off work and wrote my first book, finally. 

My husband was right. I found my happy place. Don’t tell him.

I’ve lost a few people along the way, and found some amazing people too. The ones that inspire me and light up my life, they’re the keepers. Even if I don’t see them every day, or every year.

Grateful every day for my family xx